Memo reminds you when it is time to take your medication by lightning up and raising the stick containing your dose. When 10 minutes has passed the signal increases with a fading/ blinking light and a motion from the “daily stick” . Memo also plays a short melody every tenth second to call for your attention. 

If the medication hasn't been taken after 10 minutes the light becomes more intense, the motion becomes faster and the melody plays louder and more continuously.

Memo- medical dispenser

Memo is a medical dispenser for daily medication at home, it reminds you when to take you medicine and turns daily medication into a more pleasant experience. 

10 days group project with 2 interaction students and 2 product design students.


This Project won the Student Notable Interaction Design Award 2015 in Core77.

When the stick is being picked up the light at the top fades out and the compartment containing the right dosage according to the daily schedule, lights up instead.


Memo is also there as a support for relatives and health professionals. If the medication doesn’t get taken within the timespan and could cause medical issues, a notification is sent to a relative or nurse responsible for the patient. They then have the possibility to make sure the person is fine and nothing has happened.


Sound, light and Motion graph

This graph maps the product's behaviors though three stages. Within the 25 minutes the user is supposed to take the medicine.

SOUND - mute the first 10 minutes, then a short melody comes every 2 minutes. After another 10 minutes the melody becomes more frequent, a higher tone is added and the volume is turned up.

LIGHT - pulsating light from the pill box, increases until blinking to call for attention..

MOTION - raises up slowly and stays up the 10 first minutes. After 10 minutes the pulsation increases until "nudging".