In this project, I focused on the conflict that lies between forestry owners and companies who want to harvest their forest and recreational and organic species conservation. There is a risk that these conflicts will increase as the forestry industry develops. The project is based on a possible future scenario where we need to use the forest to replace our dependence on oil.

Problem Area

Some of the conflicts in the forest are caused by deforestation and mercury accumulations due to soil contamination from the forest industry. This is a problem both for the regrowth of the forest and the ecosystem in the areas as a whole. It also makes it difficult for wildlife and humans to be in the areas and this is causing conflicts between the different interests.



What if "Technology Nurds” loved to be out in the forest? 

I created a service who's purpose was to raise the awareness amongst people about the forestry industry and it's possibilities. In that way I hoped to bring curiosity and understanding.


With your phone you can learn about the machines and their workflow. Each machine has an unique name and sound and you can track the machine's working process.

The app gives you information about the technology Hummingbird is using, various tree grades and what the tree will be used for. As a viewer, you can see on the machine’s colour what tree is being harvested and what the tree is best suitable to be used for.